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Vehicle Leasing Pricing Tool

The vehicle leasing pricing tool we developed for Autorama helped them process over 14m prices for their price comparison website.

Autorama Vehicle Leasing


Autorama Vehicle Leasing

Vehicle Leasing Pricing Tool

The vehicle leasing pricing tool we developed for Autorama helped them process over 14m prices for their price comparison website.


The Client

Autorama is the UKs leading car and commercial vehicle leasing comparison website. They provide leasing deals from every major leasing company in the UK. They are based in Hertfordshire, UK with a client base that spans the whole UK.

The Project

Our client had over 16,500 vehicles available. Each of these were available over 5 different terms and 12 different mileage options. As a result our client was faced with over 1,000,000 leasing deals. With over a dozen leasing companies providing funding, this grew to over 14m prices to compare.

The source data from the funders provided a number of obstacles. The first of which was the funders providing their pricing data in non-standard spreadsheets. No two funders’ data were laid out in the same way. Secondly, new funders were being added on a regular basis.

Our Solution

We developed a multistage vehicle leasing pricing tool that performed several main steps.

Step 1 – This allowed our client to define and store how each funder laid out their data. This enabled them to add and update funders as and when they needed.

Step 2 – This information is then used to import the funders data and convert it into a format ready for processing.

Step 3 – Discounts and mark ups are applied to all the prices.

Step 4 – Calculate the top deals available for each combination of vehicle, term, and mileage.

Step 5 – Export the data in a format ready for the client’s website to import.

Most of these steps were carried out with just a few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes.

The Result

Our easy to use and maintain vehicle leasing pricing tool had many benefits for our client, including;

  • New leasing funders could be added as required.
  • Processing time was reduced from over 1 week to less than 1 hour.
  • Different pricing mark ups and discounts can be applied at any level. This could be at the funder, make, model, range, or vehicle level.
  • Identified the top 5 deals for each vehicle, term, and mileage.
  • The final export could easily be redefined. The user could add, edit, or remove fields.

The vehicle leasing pricing tool needs to be run every time a funder provided a new price list. This happens several times a week. Time savings are estimated to be in the region of 4,000 to 5,000 hours a year.

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