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Car Leasing Pricing Tool

Our car leasing pricing tool helped find the best leasing deal for their clients. Car Leasing Pricing Tool Car Leasing Pricing Tool

Car Leasing Pricing Tool

Our car leasing pricing tool helped find the best leasing deal for their clients.

The Client is a growing vehicle leasing company based in Cheshire, UK. They provide business, personal and van leasing from all the major UK providers.

The Project

Our client had numerous funders providing different leasing deals on thousands of different cars. To power their price comparison style website they needed a way to automatically sort and pick out the best deals.

Each month, each funder provided its leasing deals in a spreadsheet. However, each leasing company had a differently laid out spreadsheet. Processing and comparing these leases to find the best deals was a long, manual process taking days, sometimes weeks.

Additional problems resulted from errors and inconsistencies within the data provided.

Our Solution

We worked closely with our client to produce a car leasing pricing tool that fully automated the process. The car leasing pricing tool we developed imports all of their supplier’s price lists, works out which supplier has the best prices for each car model and then exports the results to their website.

We also developed error capture systems that automatically flagged and/or ignored inconsistent entries in the data.

The Result

Here is what the client had to say about the car leasing pricing tool and the results;

“After deciding to get a new website designed, we suddenly realised that the upkeep of the back-office was going to seemingly be impossible. We have over 5000 products which we source from over 6 or 7 suppliers, all with moving prices month to month.

I searched everywhere I could for a cost effective excel specialist who I thought may be able to make the job slightly quicker. Thankfully I found Carl.

Not only has he helped save us over 40 man hours every month, but he also managed to do this with minimal fuss, on time and in a language that even a spreadsheet novice would understand. No problem was insurmountable, and he was excellent in getting all the information from me and my team without ever getting frustrated or going down the wrong path. We now have a solution that will put us in a market leading position.

I would recommend Carl Nixon to anyone. I would be very surprised if there was a business anywhere that couldn’t become more efficient or save money with his help.”

Craig Hutton,

Call 02921 29 2235

Outside UK Call +44 2921 29 2235

Your Extra Peace of Mind

To keep your spreadsheets up and running, Excel-Expert offers a unique and free after-sales support package. Any snags found in the first 60 days are fixed immediately and for free. Should you find any bugs in our programming in the first 3 years they are also fixed for free.

60 Days of Free Tweaking

When you buy a new house, you get to produce a snagging list for the builder to put right before you move in. We do the same. Once you receive your completed project, you have 60 days to report any snags and we will tweak/fix them for free.

3 Years of Free Bug Fixing

Our coding carries a three-year warranty, and any bugs will be fixed free during that period. Just get in touch and will fix any issue as quickly as we can. (Just so you know, no one has ever needed to use this warranty).

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