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The Excel-Expert Is Back Again

After a break of 5 years to work in the corporate world, the Excel-Expert is back again with some new aims and goals.

This site will no longer be exclusively focused on Excel and VBA. Don’t worry all the Excel and VBA stuff will remain, I am just adding some new areas designed to help your business become more efficient. New areas the site will be covering are;

  • Process Automation – Over the past few years there has been a big buzz around Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Unfortunately, RPA software is expensive and highly specialised, so I will be looking at ways of achieving the same results for far less. This will include using off-the-shelf software (IFTTT etc) and using the power of VBA and Python.
  • Business Processes – I have a background in business systems and processes, so I will also be looking at and assessing new and old processes. I will aim to help people identify the best processes for their business and how to simplify their existing ones.
  • General Business Tech Articles – Most of you know me as a bit of geek and a nerd (badges I wear with pride) because I keep a constant eye on new technologies and tech news. I will be posting my views on the latest stories and how they will possibly affect your business.

The aim of these new sections is to make your business more efficient without spending lots of money.

Don’t worry about constantly returning here for the latest articles. All articles will be mirrored on LinkedIn and Medium.

I will also be experimenting with streaming while I work, so you can ask questions live. At the moment it looks like I will be streaming on Twitch, which is a famous gaming streaming platform. However, if you search on there for “business” or “co-working” you will see there are already a number of coders on there streaming as they work.

If you remember me personally from the old Excel-Expert days, only a few things have changed;

  • The web address is now instead of .com (it was my own fault, I let the old domain name slide and now a cyber squatter is sitting on it demanding thousands of pounds for it).
  • There will be a lot more content and tutorials.
  • I have picked up some new skills and I can offer some Python, SQL and PowerBI related services.
  • Thanks to Covid I have put on a few extra pounds (working on that).

I am always looking for suggestions and feedback, so if you have any, please dont hesitate to reach out.

Carl “Excel-Expert” Nixon

Carl Nixon is a freelance VBA developer with nearly 20 years experience. In that time he has worked with companies big and small and across most sectors. He lives in the heart of the Welsh Valleys and has 3 kids and 6 grandkids.

Visit me at; LinkedIn | GitHub

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