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Weedon PSC

Production Scheduling Tool

The production scheduling tool we developed for Weedon PSC allows them to schedule work through their factory.

Weedon PSC

Weedon PSC

Weedon PSC

Production Scheduling Tool

The production scheduling tool we developed for Weedon PSC allows them to schedule work through their factory.

The Client

Weedon PSC design print and distribute POS displays, retail packaging and corrugated packaging. They supply clients across Europe including major supermarkets. They are based in Staffordshire, UK.

The Project

Our client needed a production planning tool to manage their production process. This included their printing, cutting, folding, gluing and assembly sections. The tool needed to cope with clients just in time orders and ordinary orders. Our client ordered their supplies on a just in time basis and the tool needed to be able to manage that as well.

They also needed to replace reliance on printed job lists for each machine in their factory. Every time the plan changed; new job lists needed to be printed.

Our Solution

Using their existing system as a template we devised an Excel based production scheduling tool. The tool allowed them to enter;

  • Details of incoming jobs.
  • Materials and tools needed for the job.
  • The machining route through the factory.
  • Variables such as print speeds.

A simple to use planning screen in the production scheduling tool allows their planners to try out various “what if” scenarios. This enabled them to check the impact of any planned changes. The tool gave them the ability to see the impact of their changes for between the next hour and the next month. Planning methods can easily be switched. The user can select between simple delivery date priorities and other more complex priority methods.

Once the planner is happy with the planning, the production scheduling tool sends an automatic update to each of the machine operators. These updates are displayed in real time on the operator’s screen, so the operator always knows which job they should be working on next.

As a failsafe, the planning tool can also produce paper based job cards should there be a network failure in the factory.

The Result

Our client has seen many benefits since they started using the tool including;

  • Increased planning efficiency.
  • The ability to make live updates to the planning.
  • Improved purchasing of materials and supplies.
  • Reduced admin errors between the planners and the operators.
  • Increased manufacturing efficiency.

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