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Oliver Marketing

Quotation Tool

Our quotation tool helped Oliver Marketing automate their quote process.

Oliver Marketing

Oliver Marketing

Oliver Marketing

Quotation Tool

Our quotation tool helped Oliver Marketing automate their quote process.


The Client

Oliver Marketing are an international marketing company with offices around the world. Including offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Paris and Sydney. Their clients include Britvic, Hasbro, Pepsi, KPMG, Virgin and BMW.

The Project

Our client provides a wide range of ‘point of sales’ marketing and merchandising materials for household brands. This means they have hundreds of inquiries a day from retail outlets looking to purchase sales merchandising materials.

As this is provided on a near cost basis, there were no funds available to hire extra staff to field the calls. The calls were also eating too much into the time of the existing staff. This was due to clients wanting to run through a number of variations on what to purchase.

Our client wanted to produce an Excel based tool that could be given away to clients for free. It was however, vital to keep certain aspects of their pricing calculations hidden from public view.

Our Solution

We developed a quotation tool that our client distributed for free. This would allow their clients to produce their own quote. They simply filled in the quantities needed.

The Result

Since completing the quotation tool we have completed several more projects for Oliver Marketing of a very similar nature.

The quotation tool is still in daily use, and we make frequent updates as new products become available. The amount of time needed by our client’s staff on the phone has been greatly reduced. Other benefits to Oliver Marketing include

  • An easily distributed marketing tool
  • Easily updated
  • A time saving of over 250+ man hours a month

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Your Extra Peace of Mind

To keep your spreadsheets up and running, Excel-Expert offers a unique and free after-sales support package. Any snags found in the first 60 days are fixed immediately and for free. Should you find any bugs in our programming in the first 3 years they are also fixed for free.

60 Days of Free Tweaking

When you buy a new house, you get to produce a snagging list for the builder to put right before you move in. We do the same. Once you receive your completed project, you have 60 days to report any snags and we will tweak/fix them for free.

3 Years of Free Bug Fixing

Our coding carries a three-year warranty, and any bugs will be fixed free during that period. Just get in touch and will fix any issue as quickly as we can. (Just so you know, no one has ever needed to use this warranty).

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