About Me

About The Excel Expert

My name is Carl Nixon and I have been a VBA programmer for almost 20 years, 10 of which were as a freelance programmer. For the last 5 years I have been working in the corporate world, but I will be returning to the freelancing world in the summer of 2022 (Covid and other disasters permitting).

Recently I have been building on my Python, SQL and Power BI skills, and I hope to offer those as a part of my services in the summer.

I have worked in a wide range of sectors including financial, utilities, manufacturing and military. My past customers included Pepsico, Walmart and several other global brands.

My diverse background has resulted in an ability to pick and understand new processes and systems very quickly. No matter what the business is. This, combined with a “fire-fighter” mentality, has resulted in me gaining a reputation as a problem solver.

The Non-Business Stuff

I’m a grandfather to 5 boys, and as I type this we are awaiting the arrival of our first granddaughter.

I live in the heart of the Welsh valleys with my wife and our eldest grandson. The other grandsons invade on an almost daily basis so it is never a quiet house.

Most of my spare time is taken up studying for an Open University degree (I’m in my 4th of 6 years) The rest of my spare time is taken up with the grandkids and gaming. We are a family of gamers, so we are always playing against one another.

In my younger days I spent a lot of my spare time raising funds for various children’s charities here in the UK and in the Balkans. I took part in several aid conveys delivering aid in Kosovo. I’m hoping if I ever get any real free time I will return to this side of things. But that probably wont be until after I finish my degree in 2 years time.

All of the code featured on this site is available to download on my GitGub page. Click here to visit it.