VBA Toolbox

Free to Use VBA Toolbox

Over the next few months I will be building up a collection of handy VBA functions that you can steal and use in your own projects. Everything is public domain so feel free to use as many as you need.

My aim is too make the functions as educational as possible, so I have stuffed each of them with comments and notes. Hopefully this will make following what is going on easier. This makes the functions look bigger than they are, but you are welcome to delete those comments and make things more compact.

The full collection is available to download from my GitHub page (click here). The functions are split into sections so you can either download them all in one go, or just download the section you need.

Please keep coming back as more functions will be added each week.

File Handling Functions
Browse for a folderUse the windows dialog window to browse for a folder.
Browse for a fileUse the windows dialog window to browse for a file.
Check a folder existsBefore working with files in a given folder, you can check it exists with this function first.
Check a file existsBefore trying to process a given file you can check it exists first.
Handy Functions
Convert Column Letter to a NumberConvert a column letter to number to make processing cells easier.
Convert Column Number to a LetterConverting a column number to a letter to make referencing by range easier.
Check Only Allowed CharactersChecks a string against a string of allowed characters, to check only allowed characters are being used.

If there are any functions you would like to see added here, please contact me here. I will do my best to get them included ASAP.

All of the code featured on this site is available to download on my GitGub page. Click here to visit it.